Skyrocket Your Brand and
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LinkedIn Social Branding Awareness: Where Branding

Meets Business Results

LinkedIn isn't just a place
for networking

It’s a goldmine for converting professional connections into business opportunities. My LinkedIn Social Branding Awareness service aims to elevate your brand’s presence while driving meaningful conversions, be they sales, partnerships, customer engagement, investment opportunities and more.


My Personal Journey on LinkedIn

I’m not just passionate about LinkedIn—I’m a living testament to its power. Within a year, I transformed my LinkedIn profile from another page into a thriving community of over 15,000 engaged followers. How did I do it? By creating valuable content, strategizing meticulously, identifying untapped opportunities, and diligently expanding my professional network. Today, most of my business flows through LinkedIn. I’ve even been recognized on the street by people who follow my activity on the platform. While that’s flattering, the real reward is the power to initiate and close business meetings, attract prospects, and convert opportunities—all through focused LinkedIn activities.

What you get

A LinkedIn strategy that’s laser-focused on conversions

Conversion-optimized content calendar

Expert advice on best practices for converting LinkedIn engagements into business results

Data tools setup and monthly conversion reports


Dedicated focus on ensuring your LinkedIn efforts are tightly integrated with your overall business and marketing strategies

The CMOvate Difference

What sets CMOvate apart is my multidisciplinary approach that integrates marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. I don’t just look for followers; I aim for conversions. I don’t just boost your LinkedIn presence; I ensure that every effort is finely tuned to achieve specific business outcomes. Because it’s not just about being seen—it’s about converting that visibility into tangible results.


The process

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Personal Brand Audit

An in-depth review of your existing LinkedIn profile and brand to identify areas for conversion optimization.


Content Strategy for Conversion

Crafting a content calendar with a sharp focus on creating content that not only engages but converts.



Active Engagement & Conversion

Targeted posting and networking to achieve specific business goals.



Conversion-Centric Monitoring and Analysis

 Practical and actionable advice to drive both short-term wins and long-term growth, rooted in real data and insights.



Data Collection & Presentation

 Assistance in selecting and setting up the right tools to monitor your conversion data and how it aligns with your broader business goals.



The focus is not just on boosting visibility but on achieving tangible business conversions.

Yes, all ad campaigns are aligned with your specific conversion goals.

Any business aiming for tangible results will find value in this targeted approach.

Primarily from home, with occasional office visits for strategy sessions.

I manage everything related to LinkedIn branding, with a keen focus on driving conversions. If it’s not something I do personally, I manage it as your fractional CMO.

Through carefully chosen KPIs that emphasize conversions and business growth.

Absolutely. It’s designed to adapt to your ever-changing business needs.

Yes, your company page is critical for achieving broader business objectives.


Reach out for an initial consultation to discuss your business goals and conversion targets.



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