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Your Anlaytics Partner fo Sustainable Growth Introduction

Why You Need Analytics and Reporting


Understand Customer Behavior


Measure ROI and Assess Impact


Identify Weak Points and Areas of Improvement

The CMOvate Difference

Unlike many analytics experts who merely deliver spreadsheets, I focus on the ‘so what?’ aspect of analytics. That means not just presenting data, but interpreting it in the context of your broader business and marketing efforts. Your analytics should not only measure but guide your strategies.

The process

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Initial Data Audit

Understanding the existing data ecosystem.


KPI Identification

Determining the critical metrics that align with your business goals.


Tool Selection

With hundreds of data collection and reporting tools available, I help you choose the one best suited to your business needs.


Data Collection

Gathering data from multiple sources.



Interpreting data for actionable insights.




Periodic reviews and adjustments to ensure we are meeting set objectives and adapting to any market changes.


I utilize a variety of tools, including Google Analytics, Hubspot, and custom solutions depending on your needs.

Reporting frequency is tailored to your needs but generally, you’ll receive weekly reports along with a comprehensive monthly review.

Absolutely, I not only identify areas for improvement but actively integrate them into your ongoing strategies.

Data integrity is crucial; hence, I use multiple validation steps to ensure accuracy.

I go beyond mere data collection to offer strategic insights that align with your broader business goals.

While some insights can drive immediate changes, analytics is a long-term commitment for sustained growth.

Both. You can hire me specifically for analytics or as a part of a broader marketing package.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with various companies, ranging from startups to established corporations, in optimizing their analytics.

I’m available for consultations at any time to answer any further questions you may have.



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