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In today’s digital age, the marketing landscape is complex and ever-changing. Harness the power of automated processes and seamless integrations to keep up. With CMOvate, set your marketing on autopilot without losing that personal touch.

What you get

Audit of Existing
Marketing Stack

A full audit to identify gaps and opportunities for optimization.



A detailed architecture plan that outlines how different automation tools and processes will interact.

Tailored Tool Recommendations

Expert recommendations on the most suitable automation tools based on your specific type of business.

Strategic Automation Planning

Strategy development for automating repetitive and manual tasks in your marketing funnel.


Tool Implementation

Hands-on implementation of the latest marketing automation tools, aligned with your business objectives.


Seamless Integration

Ensuring that your marketing tools smoothly integrate with your existing tech stack for better data flow.


Workflow Setup and Management

Creation and hands-on management of automated workflows for different marketing tasks and customer journeys.


CMO'vate Experience: A Different Perspective

I don’t just set up tools and leave you to figure them out. I look at your marketing ecosystem as a whole, ensuring that each automated process and integration contributes to your overall strategy. Not only that, but I also ensure that the language, branding, and market positioning are consistent across all automated platforms.


Our process

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Audit & Strategy

Evaluate current systems, identify gaps, and plan for automation.



Tool Selection

Choose the most suitable automation tools that align with your goals.




Meticulously integrate the chosen tools into your existing tech stack.



Workflow Setup

Create automated workflows for marketing tasks and customer journeys.



Performance Monitoring

Track key performance metrics and adjust strategies accordingly.


Data Management

Help you choose the right data collection and presentation tools from the plethora of options available.


I use a variety depending on your needs, including HubSpot, Zapier, Make, and more.

Automation will help your team focus on more strategic tasks by reducing manual, repetitive work.

Yes, comprehensive training to ensure your team can maximize the utility of the new tools.

Anything that fits your marketing stack, from CRM to email marketing and beyond.

Mostly from home, but I do make office visits as necessary.

I handle everything or oversee tasks to align them with your marketing plan.


I help you pick the right tools for collecting and presenting data, keeping the focus on actionable insights.

Completely. Every automation strategy is tailored to fit your specific needs and market conditions.



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