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Just don’t call us a "marketing agency"


The answer is simple: personalization and hands-on involvement. I don't just draft strategies; I also implement them.


From attending your strategy meetings to identifying your ideal customer profiles, I'm with you every step of the way.

My approach is not that of an external service but of an integrated part of your team, actively participating in branding, market positioning, and beyond.

Elad Itzkovitch CMOvate

Hello! I'm Elad Itzkovitch

Your one-stop solution for all things B2B marketing and growth

With years of hands-on experience in diverse industries—including startups, major corporations, industrial businesses, and service providers—I bring more than just strategy to the table. What sets me apart? I don't just advise; I roll up my sleeves and become an integrated part of your team to drive real, measurable results. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of modern marketing and sales, identify actionable strategies, fine-tune your operations, and set your business on a clear path to a sustainable growth.

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 Marketing Services tailored just for you

With CMOvate, you get a comprehensive suite that aligns with your business needs.



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