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What sets us apart from other marketing players is our deep level of personalization and engagement with our clients. We talk daily, participate in strategic meetings, and make you feel like we’re part of the team while creating an impact on every aspect of your company.

The Ideal Partner for Startups and SMBs: 

We are proud of our Israeli startup tactics and specialize in delivering cost-effective, innovative, and budget-conscious marketing solutions.

Elad Itzkovitch, Founder & CEO

Your CMO solution for B2B marketing and growth

Elad founded CMO’vate in 2020 after years of experience working as a Fractional CMO with leading tech startup companies to sustainable growth.  

Elad offers a unique holistic approach of both strategic thinking to hands-on expertise in almost every aspect you can think of. Every CMO’vate’s project is been supervised closely by him while staying the focal point for every client of the company. 

Making himself involved in every project whether it’s paid campaigns, content writing, marketing automation, or designing customer journeys, Elad takes on many of the assignments himself, so clients can receive the best possible results.  

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One thing we excel at is marketing and business strategies. As a market research and marketing strategist partner, we have an in-depth understanding of businesses, target markets, and how to evaluate potential. We know what works and how to tailor strategies for all types of businesses, from small startups just starting out to established businesses that want to grow fast. All our experience and methods are based on our experience as executioners since we also execute our plans ourselves in most cases. 

We understand the nuances of different markets and industries, which allows us to provide bespoke strategies that are specifically tailored to your business’s needs. With our extensive market research, you can make informed, strategic, and effective decisions, ensuring that you make informed, strategic, and effective decisions. By identifying new market opportunities and understanding customer behaviours, we give you the tools you need to succeed.

Our CMO services are at the core of CMO’vate’s activities. This means Elad Itzkovitch is acting as your part-time Chief Marketing Officer and taking care of all the marketing needs of our clients. The service usually fits startups and SMBes that need to establish an international marketing infrastructure or need assistance in marketing operations.

Our CMO Service combines all our services, know-how, and expertise, focusing on both strategic planning, growth initiatives, and hands-on. Unlike many agencies and other service providers, Elad performs most of the marketing tasks by himself. This includes writing 360-degree marketing plans, market research, SEO, running paid campaigns on any platform you can think of, creating marketing funnels and customer journeys, marketing automation and integrations, social media management, working with CRM implementations and optimization, and more. All on a part-time basis as an external vendor.

You created a marketing plan, hired a marketing team to execute it, invested a lot of money, but still aren’t happy with the results. Yup, that’s what many clients initially told us when we began working together. 

There is no doubt that marketing is a process of trying and failing and about constant learning, adaptability, while taking into consideration that things may not go as planned. In fact, that’s the case most of the time. Yet, in many cases marketing teams operate in a way that isn’t comply with the basic methods. The purpose of our Marketing Audit and Regulatory Compliance service is to identify these weaknesses and help you fix them to receive better results.

Enhance website’s visibility in search engine results to drive organic traffic, and increase potential for revenue generation.

In-depth reports and dashboards for performance assessment, driving informed strategies.

A-z  management for every platform you can think of such as Google, Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Taboola, Outbrain, etc.

Utilizing platforms like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho etc. for enhancing business processes according to your need.

From automated reports to customer relations, We create workflows that will save you time and improve conversion rate.

Looking for someone to go over your marketing plans and infrastructure? We’re here for you.

Ramp up your LinkedIn usage by improving your outreach and positioning to perceived as a thought leader in your industry.


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