CMO’vate stands in full solidarity with Israel’s 1,200 victims and 125 hostages who were brutally abducted on October 7th and are still held captive for days.


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CMO service is the flag service of CMO’vate. The service offers the opportunity to have Elad Itzkovitch act as your part-time Chief Marketing Officer. That means Elad personally takes care of all your marketing needs and acts as your personal companion for any important business decision. In addition, having CMO’vate as your Fractional CMO means full access to services, network, know-how, and growth initiatives.

With our holistic approach, our CMO services include writing 360-degree marketing plans, market research, branding and messaging, design, SEO and content creation, running paid campaigns on different platforms, creating marketing funnels, marketing automation and integrations, social media management, CRM implementations and optimization, and much more. All at a reasonable price as your external vendor.

Over the years, CMO’vate had the privilege of supporting dozens of startups across the globe, leading them to constant growth and success. We worked with B2B companies from various sectors such as Fintech, Cybersecurity, Services, HRtech, CAD, AI, etc. In addition, we also worked with Agro, Water technologies, Cleantech, Renewable energy and more.

Our journeys differ from client to client and never look the same. Our service is fully customized to the needs of the client. As C levels, we usually work directly with the founders and the top management of the company, meeting them a few times a week to ensure a high-end performance delivery.

Strategic Oversight

Setting up both short and long-term marketing goals and objectives.

Team Management

Overseeing the entire marketing team and ensuring alignment with the company’s goals.

Executive-Level Decision Making

Being a part of major decisions that will impact the marketing outlook of your business.

Short- and Long-term Planning

Crafting strategic plans that cover immediate and future needs.

Our CMO Process


Comprehensive Understanding


Strategy Development


Smart Implementation


Ongoing Management

Benefits of Fractional CMO

The concept of Fractional CMO started to develop in the last few years when companies understood that they could enjoy the same level of executive expertise but on a part-time basis rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars for hiring an internal resource. However, in addition to the price, there are many other advantages to hiring an external CMO.

A few of the reasons for the concept of part-time CMO popularity among startup companies are flexibility, specialization, and agility in their work. Unlike marketing agencies, the CMO acts as a one-man show and adapts your marketing plan to your needs without the pressure in the back of promoting the rest of the services the agency has to offer. The fact that the CMO is working also for other clients, enables companies to constantly enjoy a stream of fresh ideas, new methods, and exposure to new marketing techniques and tools.
Fractional CMO Responsibilities
Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
A fractional CMO’s primary responsibility is to evaluate a company’s existing marketing efforts and develop a holistic strategy that aligns with the company’s broader objectives and goals.
Creating a clear vision to enhance brand awareness, encourage customer engagement, and drive revenue via new streams to the company.
Marketing Technologies Implementations
An integral part of this process is identifying, evaluating, and implementing the right tools and technologies for digital marketing to meet the unique needs of each client.
Crafting Data
Using data analytics to make informed decisions about marketing strategies, targeting, and campaigns optimization.
Branding &
Differentiating the company from its competitors via unique storytelling and highlighting its unique value proposition.
Provide qualified warm leads to the company at the lowest possible cost by planning, developing, setting up, overseeing, and maintaining various marketing channels.
Creating nurturing funnels and other sales support initiatives for the sales department. As a concept, we at CMO’vate believe that the salespeople are the real client of the Marketers.
Marketing and Sales Alignment
Ensure a smooth transfer of leads from Marketing to Sales, feedback, and requests.
Stand in Solidarity

We remember October 7th, 2023

The CMO’vate team stands in full solidarity with Israel in its right to self-defense. We are praying for the courageous soldiers and Israeli citizens who are fighting Hamas-ISIS forces in Gaza and facing constant threats from Iran.

Our deepest condolences go out to the families of those affected by the heinous terror attack and to those who lost their lives.

Our prayers also go out to the hostages who were abducted on the same day and have endured unspeakable violence, deprivation, and threats, including those of a sexual nature, without access to essential medical care. It is our duty to support the public’s demand for their immediate release without any conditions.

As we unite in prayer, let us look forward to bringing prosperity and peace to the Middle East.
Am Israel Chai!
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